In-house Training Seminars and Workshops – Your best option for sustainable product management success. Save valuable company time by having TechnoBrands come to you, providing your product managers with the latest, industry-leading training. 

Mentoring & Coaching – Are you feeling stuck?  Let us work with you to provide personalized programs designed to tap into and develop the product management potential in your team. Hands-on and focused, our Mentoring and Coaching services accelerate expertise, giving your business greater results, faster.

Consulting and Special Projects – Collaborative and highly effective, our expertise in product management and marketing perfectly compliments your expertise in product development. Together, we’ll take your business to the next level.  Customize Lean Canvas to fit your company or industry.  Develop a product management framework that is geared specifically for your business.  Experiment with "game storming" techniques to  develop a culture of innovation in your team.  Develop commercialization breakthroughs and leverage your talent.